Feeling Wrung Out


It’s hard to write today. I was at Ryan’s house alone this morning, when his sweet kitty, Jacob died as I stroked him and told him we love him. Lying on the soft duvet, with the early morning sun warming him, he took a few gasps and slipped away.

This past year, he’s survived some serious surgery, but each time made it through, much to everyone’s relief. Now, he is in his final resting place and we will plant a catnip tree on his grave.

But the fact that I was there and not at a house sit, which canceled at the last minute, was amazing. And that on that one night, all the occupants of the house were gone and that I was there, or he would have died alone. Sometimes the Universe works in wondrous ways.

Now I need to settle down and work on my project, which is coming together very nicely. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this marketing gig is a whole new world for me. And I am feeling quite proud of myself for getting this far, not quitting …and pretty much understanding what I am doing! There’s still a lot of work to do with two more weeks of the Challenge, but the time goes so fast when my mind is engaged.

I’ve identified the product I’ll be promoting and working with the creators who are customizing it for me! It’s going to be so much better than trying to piece together the bits and pieces needed to make a complete offer.

So this is just a very short post, as I feel really wrung out after losing Jacob.


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