I am a veteran photojournalist/editor, full-time pet/housesitter and traveler. I have traveled extensively and continue to get out and about as much as I can. It doesn’t take much to get me excited – show me an adventure and you can be sure I’m is already packing and planning.

With three passports, I come and go in a range of countries, using whichever identity works best as far as visas and stays go. For instance, the planned trip to New Zealand will allow me to stay six months on my British passport, but only three on my US one. Hmm, let’s see – spring/summer down under for 4-5 months or hurry back to the gray Pacific Northwest winter in less than three? No contest!

Besides being a traveler, I am a Mum to two handsome, intelligent sons and two gorgeous grandsons who, as much as I would love to feature them on the site, will remain anonymous per their parents’ request. So I can only rave about them in private, but they are two reasons I travel back and forth to Southern California as much as I can.

I am Senior Editor on an environmental site and also have which covers my latest passion! Both these positions provide opportunities to travel and explore. The environmental site allows me to follow one of my passions – the environment, especially animals and the ocean. So a lot of the posts, stories and photos will revolve around those subjects.

But...I also love sailing, love staying in nice hotels, love camping and country music! I won't turn down a trip to a third world country or a tropical island. Or a trip to Seattle, just across the Puget Sound from where I used to live.

Past trips: (Recent trips include New Zealand, South Africa, sailing on the Chesapeake, in Belize and Tahiti, a B&B stay near the Olympic National Park, Southern California for Christmas with my family. A water testing expedition on a seaplane into the San Juan Islands, a sailing trip on San Francisco Bay, a jaunt over to Seattle to check out the dragon boats...and whatever other adventures come my way.) Recently, the Great Bear Rainforest aboard Passing Cloud.

Latest trips include: Southern California, Washington State, South Africa, Mexico, British Columbia, Tahiti, Australia and New Zealand.