Who is Frank?

2015-04-11 12.32.13.jpg

Monique, the psychic/medium/channel wants to know!

It’s been eons since I had a “reading” so yesterday was really interesting and the first thing she said was that Frank was around! I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out who my guides could be referring to. She also said it could be someone who is very frank!

But the rest of the reading was really intriguing as so much of what she said was right on.

With Ryan’s background of working on shows with mediums, he told me to focus on my intentions while I was on my way to San Clemente. As I was driving up the freeway, I focused mainly on two things that are uppermost in my mind these days - where and how am I going to live/be and what work will I be doing.

I met Monique in her little office/studio where she does readings and Reiki. She was watching for me and leaned over the balcony, calling out, “I like you already, we have the same color handbags!” swinging her purple bag around! In the office, she placed some purple, probably amethyst crystals under my chair.

I turned on the recorder and she started with an invocation, and then went straight into the reading.

What surprised me was that apparently Dad and Mum both showed up, along with a bunch of spirit guides and angels! Which is really weird but what is even weirder is that apparently Mum was drinking tea, which she did in copious quantities and Dad’s name, Steve came up. There is absolutely no way she could have had any knowledge of any of this as she only knew my first name.

What came through about my intentions was mind blowing when the parents weighed in! Dad, who left when I was quite young, said that I must write, write and write as I am such a good one! And Mum, on the idea of where to live, apparently said, “What have you got to lose?” and to move where the “longing” takes me. Also that I am too serious and need to let loose - that from my mother who was always tied up as tight as a drum!

One of the very first things Monique, or the guides said, is that I am lonely! No shit! That has been something plaguing me for years and is tied into my intentions! The guides also said that I must keep on adventuring and that I am a teacher! Not in the traditional sense, but that when I travel/adventure, what I bring back is a teaching moment for others, something I never really thought about. I think it might mean that as I am “older” and continue to travel and live my “inappropriate life” others learn that it’s ok for us oldies to continue to live and enjoy a full life.


And leprechauns! Apparently Ireland is large in my life/future - within the next five years I will get an invitation to go there, a place that I have never been drawn to. But the leprechauns kept appearing!

She/they had so much more to say that I am still processing. As I was getting ready to leave, Monique said the guides were still talking to her and that at the place where I was moving to, they could see a huge heart over my head, like romance! And I go, yeah, right and was instructed to keep an open mind!

All that input has given me a lot to think about. What direction I want my life to take, what I want to be doing and where I am going to be.

And on that note, I am really thrilled that I am going to be able to make Georgia’s home my base for the next couple of months. Which means I can take decent, paying house sits and have a place to go home to without trying to fill every single day, moving, moving constantly. It gives me the space and time to really consider my next moves, not being forced one way or the other.

So all in all, a very interesting day and I am feeling very blessed!

But will keep looking for Frank!