What Hit Me?

On the shores of Lake Chapala

Just a very quick update as after just three days in Ajijic, I came down with some weird ailment that at first I thought was a bug I picked up on the plane down here. But then that just didn't sit right and I discovered that the antibiotic I was taking for the tick bite fever I contracted in South Africa has horrendous "adverse" side effects! Symptoms similar to flu. 

Because tick bite fever is a really nasty thing, I was supposed to take the full course of doxycycline; two full weeks. I lasted 11 days before I called it quits. And then found out it takes several days for the stuff to get out of my system!

In the meantime, Susan got some kind of cold/flu so this has been like a hospital ward for the last week. We were both feeling so bad, we didn't even celebrate out birthdays!

But I am finally on the mend, thank goodness, as I am not a good sicko. 

Before I succumbed to bed, I was able to see a little of the town and surrounds. It really is very beautiful, with vegetation very similar to my part of South Africa. I can identify a lot of the flowers and plants, which is fun, so it also feels familiar. Even the crazy Mexican drivers have a familiar feel after being in South Africa. "Rules of the road are just a suggestion!" 

Flowers tumbling over the graffiti

The roads in town are very narrow and cobblestone so I think whoever has the shock franchise does a very good business! People park wherever they can and you have to squeeze by. It's a good thing Susan has a small car but even so, sometimes it feels as though you don't have an inch to spare on either side.

I am really looking forward getting out there with my camera. The whole area is very photogenic! 

When I am back on my feet, I will write more about the place and the places we go.

There are hundreds of white pelicans, my favorite bird!

There are hundreds of white pelicans, my favorite bird!