Three Weeks and Counting


The days are going by like a hurricane.

In just 3 weeks, I will be on a plane heading south, way south with an uncertain future. No plans laid, other than to get there and experience my homeland to see if it will be a good, permanent “fit.”

Of course, the news always plays up the bad side of things but if you look deep enough, beyond the headlines, there are wonderful things happening there. I just need to be there and basically, learn the country all over again.

Before I leave, we’re having a “girls” get together. Betsy, June, Georgia and I are planning a 3-day “staycation” that includes a sail on America and a cooking class so far! I don’t know if this is going to make it harder to leave, knowing I am leaving my dear friends here or will it be easier, knowing my dear friends are here when/if I return?


It’s almost three years since I was home. (And yes, I still call it home, even after all these years.) The first month I spent with Mick and Debbie before Zoze arrived. Together we spent another few weeks there before going down to the Cape to see Biff and Julie. That is when I was exploring a lot of distilleries and writing about them, which is something I would like to take up again.

This time, I will explore the local area to decide if Durban and surrounds are going to be my permanent base. This is where a lot of my old school friends still live and we have a WhatsApp group, so I am in touch with them and looking forward to a get together in either October or November. These are mostly women I haven’t seen for more than 50 years! So needless to say, it will be interesting.

One of my major concerns, especially as I get older, is medical coverage. Fortunately, I am disgustingly healthy but even so, I have been getting the check ups done etc., as I wont have any sort of insurance over there. Doctors visits are relatively inexpensive, but if anything major happens (crossed fingers) I would have to come back here, where I have full coverage. So I just have to stay healthy!

I’m checking things off my list of things to do before I leave. And have very few things left. Just some biz things to take care of once Ryan is back from NYC next week. We had a huge sale over Labor Day, so have had my head buried in the computer taking care of that. We had our biggest sales days ever! And yes, I will be doing this in South Africa! I love the internet!