The One Year Plan is Shrinking

What was the One Year Plan has rapidly become the 10 month plan! Time is flying by and as yet, there is nothing concrete to extend the end of my plan.

But I have an idea

It’s not a new one, but something that was filed away years ago and now it feels like it might be the right time for its resurrection.  

Because I feel so discombobulated without my own “place,” and as much as I appreciate all my friends and family offering me places to stay, it’s something that will really help my peace of mind. Plus I need something a little more permanent. 

Subconsciously, I think I started thinking about this early this year when I wanted to do the distillery guide in California and travel in...a campervan! That didn’t pan out as the sponsors didn’t want to have anything to do with alcohol. But when I was checking out the vans, I was impressed with how convenient they are. They are not the old VW buses (although if someone gave me a Westphalia I wouldn’t turn it down!) and are so well-equipped, with state-of-the-art equipment that it would be like living on a small boat with all mod cons! 

So I’m reading up on all this, watching videos and seeing people street camping, boon docking, driveway surfing and I’m thinking this could be a lot of fun. I took the first step in that direction by buying my senior National Parks pass which cost a whopping $10 before it goes to $80 this month. (I just saw there has been such a surge of us oldies buying the pass, it now takes 12 weeks to get one if you order online! Glad I got mine when I did.) It gives big discounts at camping sites in the National Parks, so that could extend my sightseeing around the county.  

The biggest hurdle is actually buying or leasing one that is clean, comfortable and reliable as I don’t want to be constantly having to get things fixed. It will be my “land yacht” and I will finally get my video-making skills up to snuff and start doing a YouTube series.

Granny will be Traveling in style.