The Ever-Changing Saga of My Inappropriate Life

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A lot has been happening in my life recently. Been a while since I posted so I will try to catch up.

The Camper Van Saga

As most of you know, I’ve been planning on buying a camper van which would be killing two birds with one stone. I’d have a place to stay on those days when I don’t have a house it to go to and it would give me wheels to get around. Seemed like the best solution, and I think it still is but sometimes other things get in the way.

Ryan and I were able to get an auto loan from the local credit union and I spent several days searching for a small camper van/RV online. First of all I found three and spent a full, arduous day driving around to look at them. They seemed OK but nothing really jumped out at me. And then I found another one that was really good and ticked all the boxes. It was the right size, was fully contained and ready to drive off.

#Turo rental on the freeway, out looking at RVs

#Turo rental on the freeway, out looking at RVs

The following day, I called the bank and got the nasty news that the vehicle was too old and they wouldn’t loan on it. Needless to say I was really pissed off. Why had they not told me that when we applied? So I applied for another personal loan and, of course, because of my situation, I did not qualify.

Pissed Off

By then, I was feeling really down and put out about this whole situation of mine; the housesitting with no base, the lack of funds, lack of wheels and I was tired of the running around and fighting to get what I wanted. I was tired of trying to get from one place to another, lugging a suitcase around in a country that has limited public transport options.

So I changed tacks. And decided that I would simply get a car, something like my old Honda in Washington. That’s the plan now and Ryan and I will go and look at several tomorrow and hopefully, decide on one and get it done on Monday, as the loan approval expires on Friday. I will still have to figure out the days in between sits but thank goodness for Ryan and his roomies who put up with an old bird popping in to stay for a day or so here and there. And for Betsy and Barry who are always so hospitable and welcoming!

Down to Business

And because I have become so fed up with this very restrictive lifestyle, even though to a lot of people it sounds very exciting and interesting, which in some aspects it is. But for me, I think the lack of funds is the most trying, because even if I am in a really exciting, interesting area, I can’t afford to go out and explore it. And having no wheels makes it even more discouraging as I end up being holed up in a house and isolated for too long.

So I am taking on a new project, I’ve been working on it now for a couple weeks and it’s actually a training course for online sales -- I know, I know -- I’ve done these things before but this one has so many pluses going for it. I’ll post a link to it once I am signed up.

Of course, my biggest concern was what the hell am I going to sell, but then when I explored this particular method, there are ways to sell just about anything, so I am going into it with an open mind and the World Craft Distillery site as my project. Today I will be signing up for the software required to do this and then, for the next month, I will be working my ass off to get the system functioning and hopefully starting to make some cash.


Normally, in my life, I don’t publish things like this, exposing myself! It always seems way too personal and I have never been one to let myself show with all my vulnerabilities but I think it’s time that I did that so that I can be made more accountable. That may sound weird but, oh well.

I have tried a lot of different things in my life. Some have worked, some haven’t, and some I’ve sort of got off the ground and then got cold feet and abandoned. (One in particular comes to mind - remember MyMixedNuts? Damn, that was sooo good.) This one, that is not going to happen. One of my excuses in the past is I don’t have time. Now I have so much time on my hands that I don’t have that as an excuse not to do the work needed to make the funnels happen.

Last time I posted I had just got back from that trip up to the Great Bear Rainforest. Since then, I have done three house sits, all with cats. Now I am down in Laguna beach in California at a really cool, older house that I think was one of the original weekend cottages that people used to have before this area got so developed. It still has the old feel to it, with old tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, wood floors and nice big opening windows. The kitty, Jelly, is very sweet but she was very nervous last night because we have an enormous thunder and lightning storm with lots of rain and here in Southern California, that is not a very common occurrence!

Next time I publish I hope I will be telling you I have wheels and that my new project is going well. Now off I go to get started on it and lay the groundwork to a more affluent lifestyle.

P.S This post is pretty much a stream of consciousness post that I first voice recorded on evernote which turns voice into text. What do you think about me doing a podcast?