The Airbnb Project


daisy copyWell! That was a mission fraught with delays and frustrations! What I thought would be a simple process turned into a long, drawn out project that of course, cost me far more than anticipated. But the good news is that it is done and live on Airbnb!

At the start, I knew I would have to do something about the bathroom. The house was built in 1984 and it has the original tub and shower enclosure with awful sliding glass door. When it was installed, they somehow didn't put enough braces under the unit and there was a dip in the bottom. With the hard water we have here, even before I moved in, the minerals had etched the bottom so it never, ever looked clean! So I had assumed I would need to replace the entire unit - that is something that had held me back from doing it years ago. Many thousands of dollars! But I heard about tub refinishing! In two hours, the tub looked like new!

Danelle helped me get all the fittings and doors off before Michael the Miracle Method tech showed up. He taped everything off, worked the magic and a couple of hours later, he was done! It was a bit fumy for a couple of days, but well worth it! Later in the week, Danelle and John came back down and replaced the old fittings with bright and shiny new ones! Not without some hassles, though. Parts didn't fit which necessitated a trip to Port Orchard an hour away, only to be told that the unit was too old and I would have to get a new mixer! Well, that wasn't going to happen, and between us, we did a work-around and everything works and looks great! I did end up under the basin replacing the lines there (also too old to reuse!) so John wouldn't have to make another trip to the house.

Of course, all this cost more than I planned, but it is something that had to be done before I rent it out at the beginning of next summer (that's the plan at the moment, anyway).

Buying the linens was easy, other than the design choice. So I am really happy with the way that turned out.

Home-away-from-home for my Airbnb guests

The next thing I battled with was the blind installation. The first ones I ordered online and they didn't fit! I'm pretty handy with a tape measure, so sure I measured correctly! But that set me back a few days as I tried to find others that would work. Home Depot had what I needed and they cut to size. So off I went to Poulsbo, 25 minutes away, and chose the ones I wanted and the guy working there cut to size.

When I got them home, I was all set up. Screwdrivers, drill, tape measure etc. And damned if I could figure the things out! But then, after about half-an-hour of battling silly little end caps, I saw the guy had cut the wrong end of the blind so there was no room for the end cap to slide on! Sheesh!

So back to square one! I used Home Depot's app and found that the Poulsbo store didn't have any more that could be cut to size. I would have to go to Sequim, 45 minutes away. Sunday morning, off I went and success! Back at home, drilled and screwed and less than half-an-hour later, the blinds were up and working!

But damn, it looked so bare! So off I went again and bought the drapes, installed the rods etc. Done!

A couple of weeks before, Mardelle came down to give me some ideas about how to lay the room out - she is quite the design fundi! We decided it needed a couple of small chairs just like the ones I had seen at Habitat for Humanity a few days before. On my next trip to Port Townsend, popped in but of course, they were gone! And anything new was far too expensive for me to splurge on, so last week I went into the local Goodwill and voila! One very cute, excellent condition chair that fits perfectly!

Yesterday, my neighbor Joe, came over and helped me get it upstairs. That made the room complete and I did the pix and posted to Airbnb.

So that part of this adventure is done; now I just need guests!

Come on over!