Journey dry bag

Journey Dry Bag - Essential Boating Gear

Dry bag and coconuts With all the electronics we carry around each day, I was concerned about my new iPad Pro, my iPhone and various cameras. So when I was offered the opportunity to test a dry bag from EcoDept, I jumped at the chance.

The dry bags come in three sizes and I chose the 20 liter one - seeing as it was blue and had a seaweed graphic on it! Appropriate for the Belize sailing trip, I thought!

When it arrived, I was impressed with the packaging and the fact that it  didn't have that awful plasticy rubber smell. It was almost completely odourless, a big plus.

The bag is also much sturdier than I had imagined, a definite plus when it comes to protecting electronics. And even though it was the smallest one available from EcoDept, my iPad Pro actually fit in it very comfortably.

On board, the bag became my go-to bag as we made trips back and forth between shore and the big Moorings catamaran, either by inflatable or kayak. And the rest of the crew was happy to toss in their phones and cameras, knowing the equipment  would be safe and dry.

I know it's not a use the bag is designed for, but I used it coming home for my wet and salty bathing suits and beach towel!

Overall, I think the Journey Dry Bag is a great sailing gear addition for anyone serious about protecting their electronic equipment and other precious items. Granted, I didn't try to dunk it underwater, but I imagine that should it go overboard, it will keep the content dry and float nicely until retrieved.

The bags are available on Amazon and priced from $20.95 - $28.95

Dry bag and lines