SuSu is Back and Went to Loveland, Colorado

Bronze sculpture in Loveland, CO Time marches on and sort of left me in the dust for a couple of months!

But now I am catching up and over the next few days I plan to add the adventures I had, bringing this all up-to-date.

During my time in Colorado, which was spent mainly in the north-eastern section, or the Front Range as it is called and up close to the Wyoming border, I did manage to make a few day trips to Boulder and Loveland and several other small local towns.


Street art is big and Loveland is the art capital of Colorado with some of the most gorgeous sculptures I have seen.

"Molly, Deeter and Susie" is one of my favorites and was created by Loveland's Pat Kennedy, then donated to the city in 2007. It is just one of the many sculptures that appear around just about every corner, in every tiny or large park or public space. It would take days to see them all but I saw enough to know that next time I am there, I will make a point of spending several days exploring. I consider my time there just a taste of what the area holds.

Persistence of Vision by Pat Kennedy

"Persistence of Vision," another sculpture by Pat Kennedy was the first one to catch my eye. Outside the historic Rialto Theatre, it is dedicated to the memory of Phyllis Wallbye who was the Arts editor of the Loveland Reporter-Herald newspaper. And right close to the newspaper office is the charming bike-riding paperboy! Down on the main street, a sleek, stylized cougar rests on the back of a bench and close by, in a tiny park, an apparently controversial, elegant nude woman cuddles her baby. So classically gorgeous, I wonder why anyone would be offended by the sculpture, titled  "Moulding Our Future" by Denny Haskew.

Loveland isn't all bronzes and art. There are also wonderful restaurants and coffee shops that are begging to be visited. From my short time there, I get the laid-back atmosphere and the vibe that to me indicates a lot of gentrification is going on. The lovely old buildings are begging to be restored and it is starting to happen. Some of them have been gutted and converted to very expensive condos.

Loveland is snug up against the base of the Rockies, so ski areas are very close, plus it is not far from Denver so it could possibly become a bedroom community which would be a shame, really, as it has so much charm now.

Next time I am in Colorado, I will make sure I go back to Loveland and take in more of the sites. It most likely won't be in the winter as I am not much of a snow person, so watch for updates next spring.