Sucker Weather


This is when Californians fall in love with Washington! Everything is brilliant and clear. Greens run from deep emerald to soft lime and the sky is so clear it feels like you see right through it.

Yep, in real estate terms, it’s sucker weather, one born every minute. Been there, done that.

So though I am definitely not in the market to buy or move here, it is “absolutely fabulous, dahling,” to be here at this time of year. While the rest of the country (and northern hemisphere) swelters, it’s currently a pleasant 75. We have about 3 more hours of sunlight and sitting out here on the deck of the house sit in Magnolia, I’m enjoying a cocktail and pondering the next few weeks!

But these 10 days have been good. (I still have 3 days to go.) The dogs, Java, a 10-month old Bernedoodle and Presley, a Mexican rescue are the sweetest, well-behaved pups. I walk them twice a day; once in Discovery Park, a 500+ acre park just a couple of miles from here and then the evening walk along the bluff overlooking Puget Sound and the ship traffic. We do a good 4 miles every day!

Mardelle came over and we went out to an unfortunately, disappointing dinner at a new restaurant in the village. The ambience and the people were great but the food was completely blah! But we made the best of the time and had good laughs and conversations. Those are the things I miss, being on my own.

On Wednesday, I head back over to Port Townsend. And I am so looking forward to the picnic at North Beach on Friday. It’s a real tradition whenever we are all in town. This year there will be some significant absences. But regardless, the usual crowd plus a few, will be there and we can only hope the sucker weather holds!

Early next week, Pat and I will head to Chelan and I will head south from there. I am not doing a speed run south and will pick Debbie up in Redlands at the end of her conference on Friday. And we will spend the weekend (or sleep at) Ryan’s before she heads back to South Africa on Sunday night.

Presley and Java at Discovery Park.

Presley and Java at Discovery Park.

My ticket to South Africa is the end of September. It’s one-way. But I am going with an open mind, to see how things really are and whether my Americanization is going to stand in the way of my being able to live there. It’s a bit of a conundrum. My list of pros and cons and options is quite lengthy, with other options opening up as I explore possibilities. (Notice how I’m not specific?)

That’s how I feel! Non-specific.

But I do know, with complete certainty, that I want a home base; that I want community; that I don’t want to live alone; that I want to be able to see my friends; that I can keep on working.

House sitting serves its purpose. But it just reinforces my longing for a base. I’m grateful I have options and trust that whatever I decide on will be the right choice for me.