Still in Mulling Mode


I’m no closer to a definite decision about moving back to South Africa. It’s so easy to get comfortable with the way my life is now, even though I know it really isn’t a permanent solution. Visiting friends, and generally having more of a community is very comforting and although I know people, have close friends and family there, it’s still not an easy decision to make. No matter where I end up, it will be starting all over - again - and the idea is daunting.

So the mulling continues!

Kahlua, a mini-Chelsea

Kahlua, a mini-Chelsea

This last week I’ve been in Newport, my old stomping grounds, which is fun! I was house sitting across the alley from June, who was Chelsea’s adopted mum for years. And the kitty I was caring for is a mini-Chelsea, a lot whiter but still, she really reminded me of her. Although it was - literally - freezing here, each morning, I walked along the Back Bay with Stella, the little terrier of sorts! Above the bay and in the distance, the mountains were brilliant in the super-clear air after the heavy rains we’ve been having. Along the shoreline, the reeds were frost covered! All the years I lived in this area, I don’t remember seeing frost at all! And although I complained to myself how cold it was, at least it wasn’t that miserable, damp, dark, bone-chilling cold of Washington! For which I am very grateful.

On Monday, I’ll zip up to Los Angeles for lunch and a quickbooks lesson with Ryan. We have all the paperwork done and bank account sorted out and now we need to transfer data etc over to our accounts. And now that Chinese New Year is over, we can pick up the pace and get things rolling again. I’m looking forward to trying out some funnels (the software I was working on late last year) and also looking at starting another site and other ideas to boost sales.

Writing Again

OWAC, Outdoor Writers Association of California, the group that gave me an award last year has asked me to write an article for their newsletter. I’ve ignored the request, which was originally proffered about 6 months ago, but after my psychic reading and Dad’s words to write, write, write, I took them up on it. But once again with no deadline, so will set one for myself or it won’t happen! And to keep my hand in, I am going to be more diligent about keeping this blog up to date.

And maybe - memoirs?

Stella about to lick my glasses!

Stella about to lick my glasses!

After the next house sit at the end of next week, I don’t have any sits for almost two months. During that time, I’ll be at Georgia’s in San Diego. While there, I’m planning on walking two dogs every day. That generally works out to be a couple of miles and breaks up the day. I know I have more energy afterwards, instead of sitting at the computer all day. And the money I get paid is earmarked for coffee out and a dinner or two at Buono Forchetta.

Also during that time, I am going to start going to distilleries again, for the World Craft Distilleries site. I so enjoy doing that, but currently it is non-incoming producing so has fallen by the wayside. But there are several distilleries in San Diego and nearby and it will really be fun to get out and explore the area.