Road Trip!

road trip

Seems like I haven't done anything or been anywhere for ages!

But tomorrow I head out on a road trip south to California to see Ryan, Cody, Mel and the grandboys, Oliver and Everett. It's been far too long since I saw them, so I decided to bite the bullet (financially) and head down there. It's not a long trip, just 10 days, as I have to rely on others to take care of the kitties while I am away.

The drive itself is about 1300 miles each way so I am planning two nights on the road.

First stop should be Klamath Falls in Oregon, then Bishop in California. I am taking a different route than normal as I am going to Cody first. It will be fun driving these secondary highways instead of Interstate 5, which is a very uninteresting highway through Central California. My "new" way goes down through the mountains, and according to google maps will only take maybe an hour more! So that is going to be very exciting.

And because I am traveling on my own, I can stop for pictures wherever or how often I want.

Today I am getting the car ready, checking tire pressure, oil is good and I just had it serviced.