On the Wild Side


peaceI just went on a wild adventure that I don't think many grannies get to experience! But remember, this is Colorado and the beginning of the year brought momentous changes to the state! (As it has in Washington) so you get my drift! A friend of mine (who wishes to remain un-named) suffers from pretty severe arthritis, and having tried numerous remedies and who regularly abuses her liver with ibuprofen, decided it was time to try the age-old fix, marijuana. Coming from Washington, it really wasn't that much of a stretch to go that route, but ACTUALLY going to a weed store was something neither of us have ever done.

After doing a little research online to find a dispensary close by, we found two on the outskirts of Greeley and on the spur of the moment, hopped in the car and headed on over. The first one - with a very green door - was just off the main road. A sticker on said green door said that they weren't doing recreational weed yet but could dispense medical weed, as long as you had your permit. We went in anyway, through a wafting cloud of smoke, and a young hippy girl with a headband and flowers in her hair suggested the other dispensary, "just around the corner." We snagged business cards, including one for a doctor who will write a prescription - no medical records required - and went "around the corner" to the recreational store.

It was very busy!

A tall, young security guard carded us (yep, two old gray haired ladies had to show ID) and we were in. Of course, we were both giggling and so were the other customers who all looked liked teenagers to us. And there was a lot of laughter as my friend talked to the receptionist and said, "We're on a fact finding mission and can't buy anything until Wednesday, when I get my Social Security check!" But we got the information we needed and decided to actually go into the "inner sanctum" to check out the goods.

mediblesWe took a number and waited our turn, then followed a youngster into the back room! It felt very clandestine! In the actual store, the edibles, which is what my friend needs, were displayed in a case, and a charming young Hispanic man told us about the brownies, rice crispie treats, caramels and other candies. He explained the "Jewels" which are small 10mg hard candies of various flavors, and suggested that they might be the way to go, as the active ingredients are absorbed sublingually, so the effects are much quicker than say, eating a brownie. It's also a measured dose. This makes a lot of sense. The blend of active stuff is designed for pain relief and for sleep, exactly what she needs.

We forked over the cash, she chose Kiwi Strawberry flavor, green hard candy Jewels and we headed out the door, feeling very chuffed about the whole thing!

What a fun experience that was - so now I can say I have been into a "head shop," which still feels a little shady, despite it being legal!

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