New Direction for the New Year


A funny thing happened on Christmas day! I was down in La Jolla, housesitting two wonderful dogs and a sweet kitty. I wasn’t looking forward to the holidays - it’s a lonely existence a lot of the time, especially around the holidays. But Ryan was planning to come down for brunch before heading back up to Orange County to have dinner with Randy, his dad. So I was looking forward to that.

He arrived empty-handed which didn’t bother me as I don’t want or need anything else I need to pack and move. “Mum, I don’t have a tangible present for you,” he said, perched on a bar stool in the kitchen. “But I want you to have my half of “ This is his profitable online store! He said, and I know this to be true, is that he is just too busy to do the work to grow the business and as he knows I have the time and the knowledge to take it on, he handed it over! I was floored!

The business is what some might consider a little inappropriate for me, a “mature” straight woman, as it is an underwear site for gay men! But I have cool friends and family who all think it’s not just an amazing opportunity for me, but they also get a real kick out of it! “Oh my word! Really enlightening!” from my brother. Others shriek with laughter and blush when they see some of the ad images!

Love it!

My partner in the business is Phil, a young friend of Ryan’s, who will handle the marketing and social media side of things - a good thing as I don’t have a clue about that world!

I’ve worked with Shopify stores so the concept isn’t new to me and jumped in and started working on it immediately, learning as much as I could about how Ryan has it set up and how all the apps etc are connected before he left on vacation to Japan today!

What is so cool is that all the studying and work I have been doing with funnels and learning how the new marketing works is coming in handy now. I can put all I have learned in to practical use on something that is already working but that I know that can be made so much more profitable by employing some of the techniques I have learned.

So I am stoked!!!

Some Time Off

Tomorrow is my last day of house sitting for almost a month! I am soooo looking forward to staying at Georgia’s, where I won’t have animal schedules and rules that I have to stick to. It’s going to be like a vacation! There won’t be dogs begging to be fed at 6 in the morning or needing walks at 10 and their teeth cleaned in the evening! No poop to clean up!

This particular house sit has been more involved than others and so I have struggled to actually get any work done. Having the three weeks off is going to give me the time to get my Great Bear Rain Forest article done and off my mind. Plus time to focus on how to build the business up.

So the 2019 is off to a good start and I’m planning on keeping the momentum going.