Looking Forward to a 3000 Mile Road Trip

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 5.35.09 PM.png

The most pressing questions at the moment are when will I head north and will I go north west or north sort-of-east first. Either way it’s a long drive. Whichever way I go, it will be a bit more than 3,000 miles!

My house sit here in Encinitas with Moose, a lovely, young chocolate lab, ends June 10 and the next one is in Seattle at the end of July. Which gives me about 5 weeks to do the rounds in Washington and Montana. Then after the Seattle sit, I plan to head back down to meet up with Dr. Debbie in LA and be tourists for a couple of days before she heads home to South Africa.

After that, it’s about 6 weeks before I too, hit the airways and head south. The reality of this decision hasn’t really set in yet and it probably won’t until I start finalizing plans like selling Lucy, my car and discarding more stuff so I don’t end up with extra-heavy baggage on the flight. I’m also battling with what I feel sometimes is the finality of the decision. But my wise friend, Janet reminds me to take in small bites. Instead of thinking of it as forever, I can think a year (or a few months) at a time.

On another note, the underwear sites are keeping me busy; the men’s one with ongoing sales and the women’s one, OhMyScantyPanties with building a base and not really promoting it until the new software is more stable. Which is happening faster now. It’s considerably less expensive than the platform we use for OhMyUnderwear! which will really help the bottom line. This whole process has been, and continues to be, a huge learning experience for me. It seems as if there is always something I need to know to make things happen better/quicker/smarter.

The other side of the sites is the customer service stuff, which can be a real pain! Some people are SO rude! Luckily, it’s all online. If it was in person, I don’t think I could do it! Behind the emails, I can be rude back at them, stomp around and rant but then the emails can be all sweetness and light! Ha!

I never really thought of myself as a techie but it turns out, I find it fascinating and I get hooked in, looking for a solution to a puzzle. Sometimes I can figure it out myself. Sometimes I reach out for help via youTube and other online sources. Generally, I figure it out - it may take a while, but it’s a huge sense of accomplishment when I do. It may not be the “right” way of solving the problem, but I figure if it works, then that’s ok!