Life in the 'Hood


Well, this is fun! Sometimes it feels like I am living in a soap opera!

If you were to drive down this street in South Park, San Diego, you’d see a normal small town neighborhood with lots of character. Older houses, some done up, some original. A wide variety of cars, makes, models and years. There are young kids, older kids, and seniors; gays and straight people. On Thursdays, the street is lined in blue and black trash bins. People walking dogs at all hours and messing around in their yards when the weather is fine.

But behind the scenes…

When I came to stay with Georgia about six weeks ago, I was completely unaware of the undercover lives of the neighbors! Or how fascinating it can be; just sucks you in. And I have never been one for soaps. But real life is different.

I think it is so fascinating because Georgia has been here for so long that she is the neighborhood matriarch. She’s the one neighbors come to for help and advice. She’s on good terms with everyone and her door is open to everyone. She’s seen neighbor kids grow up, leave home and return to different circumstances that make some TV shows pale in comparison.

And because of her close ties, she hears about everything going on! We have blow-by-blow accounts of family feuds and break-ups. Whether so-and-so got the new job or got fired. In these days of instant communications, her iPhone pings a lot, with texts of the latest happenings.

And it’s got me hooked. I find myself wondering if the neighbor is going to pick up her stuff Georgia is keeping safe and wonder why she hasn’t appeared after claiming it was urgent. Has she gone back into rehab or is she shacked up with the guy we think was cat fishing her?

Then I find myself peeking out the window (trying to be inconspicuous) to see whose car is in the driveway and wonder why the other car hasn’t been around for a couple of days. Have they broken up or is he away on a job?

Hmmm the plot thickens…

And of course, Georgia and I have long discussions about all the goings-on and by the end, we’ve usually solved the issues! Or come up with a variety of conclusions or conspiracy theories that make it all the more intriguing!


I’ve never lived in a neighborhood like this and it’s a real education. I’m finding a really enjoy being able to walk to David’s, the little grocery store a couple of minutes a way. Or walk over to a cafe or bar within a few minutes. I’m getting to recognize faces and am able to place them. I can say hi to people on the street, whether I know them or not and everyone is so friendly. The area has, at least for me, a definite vibe that I really like. It’s funky and friendly and very livable and I am so fortunate to be able to spend time here.

On another note, to catch up. The underwear site is going well. My “partner” is no longer and Ryan is back and that’s working out well. Unfortunately, the partner doesn’t have the work ethic needed to work independently or maybe he is just too young. Either way, it’s working out better this way.

And I’m in the midst of setting up another Oh My site - ladies panties - will be live in a few days. I’m learning the new software and techniques and will find out if all this hard work pays off.