It's All Coming Together


My road trip is coming together!

I think… not sure yet…but looking at going to Washington first then over to Montana, the last weekend in June, then back to Washington. And back down to SoCal beginning of August.

It’s been two years since I saw my grandboys, Oliver and Everett and I know I will be amazed at how they have grown up. Depending on his work schedule, Ryan is hoping to go too. He would fly into Whitefish from Burbank, I think, and we can get an airbnb for the weekend and look forward to exploring a new area.

Being able to see Cody and the family before I leave for an indefinite time has felt like a weight lifted from my mind. Although, seeing them all will probably make it even harder to leave! So I will have to make sure I get back here at least once a year.

Maybe I will win the lottery and can buy everyone plane tickets to come over and go on safari!

Who can stay mad at a face like this?

Who can stay mad at a face like this?


Of course, things don’t always go smoothly in a house sit and this one was no exception.

How many people can say, “The dog ate my homework? I mean, the dog ate my glasses!” Yep, Moose is a lovely chocolate lab 1-year old, who decided I wasn’t paying enough attention to her and destroyed my glasses that were on the nightstand.

I could not believe it! I looked everywhere for them and discovered a pile of bits and pieces on the patio! She hadn’t actually eaten any of the bits, fortunately. But they are so completely mauled, they’re useless.

Panic mode set in and thought, “How the hell am I going to drive? Am I going to have to overnight new glasses? Where is my prescription?” Then my more rational mind kicked in and I remembered my prescription sunglasses in the car. And then I thought (and hoped I was remembering correctly) I had put my previous ones in a bag that was still at Georgia’s.


I hopped in the car, leaving a very, I hope, contrite dog behind, and headed south. It was a very gray, early morning so not a lot of fun driving in dark glasses. But I was fine with that! Georgia, a late riser, was asleep and I crept in the house and rummaged through my stuff! And lo and behold! My old glasses! Whew!

It turns out, I see better with these old glasses than the new ones! Go Figure!

What this means is that I have to go for an eye exam in LA next week, as that’s where my insurance is. (Plus it gives me a chance to see Ryan.) Depending on how long it takes to make the glasses, I’ll either get them done in Los Angeles, or take the prescription with me up to Washington. I’m not doing a mail order pair this time, as I wasn’t happy with last ones.

Now I can go into full preparation mode for the long trip, with the wonderful prospect of seeing my Montanans soon.