I'm Feeling Grinchy


Today is Thanksgiving over here in the US. The whole idea around it gets sort of lost amidst the Black Friday hype, the massive sales on overbred turkeys and huge traffic jams! Not to mention that the stores are all decorated for Christmas, another overly-hyped holiday, (in my opinion).

I guess I’m the grinch who is stealing the holidays.

It sort of gets that way when the majority of the holidays I spend alone. So why bother with all that stuff?

Yes, I’m feeling sorry for myself. Ryan is off in Spain and I am heading over to ANOTHER housesit, where my companions will be a whole clowder of cats! Mostly neighborhood, part feral ones that apparently appear morning and evening to be fed! Oh, there is one domestic, “owned” kitty called Tiger.

I know I shouldn’t be complaining but sometimes it gets really, really old, constantly moving. It’s definitely a lot easier since I got Lucy, as I don’t have to lug stuff around. It’s all packed away in the back. Even the food I buy now can be transported. Before, I would have to leave partially used or opened jars and packages behind, as it was too difficult to transport them.

It’s different, too when the house sits are longer. The last one was three weeks and that time allowed me to settle in and I actually accomplished a lot, finally completing the marketing course (but with still SO much to learn). It’s very distracting moving every few days. There’s no time to settle and I don’t get much done. I wish I could just get long sits but the issue in the States is people only get very short holidays, so they don’t need anyone at their home for long stretches. Whereas in Europe and Aus and New Zealand, people get good, long holidays so it makes for longer house sits.

I also believe that this lifestyle would be a whole lot more fun, living it with someone, be it a partner or friend. The really enthusiastic sitters are generally duos.

Enough of the Winging

After all that winging, I actually am grateful that I am healthy and able to do what I am doing. And until my financial situation changes, (which I am working on) this is what my life is.

Working on the ClickFunnels course was good but very intense and exhausting. Now I need to go back through everything, and watch/listen to the more involved tutorials so I can take the next steps.

I also need to really focus on what and where to direct my interest for the purpose of promoting something as a main goal. A lot of the people who did the course have products they have created to sell. A lot of digital things like ebooks and online courses. Others have actual physical products to promote and sell. I know a lot of “stuff” but wonder if it enough to actually create anything around? I feel very scattered!

I’m at my new house sit for six days and am taking the rest of the day off to just veg out! The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is on TV and everyone is totally bundled up against the cold! Very glad I can enjoy it in the comfort of a warm house.