#housesitting + #vanlife +grannytravels = #newlife

A Tiggi moment

A Tiggi moment

How's that for a headline?

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to quit trying to reinvent the wheel, trying to find something "to do" and decided to go with what I know! 

I'd been toying with the idea of housesitting, which is something I have done quite a bit of in the past, but it just seemed to have become so complex! I'd been looking at various house sitting sites and was daunted by the number of people looking to sit! It has become quite the thing.


But then, as these things do, a site popped up on Zoze's Facebook page and I took a look! And yes, I was right, house sitting has become more complex, and the thing to do. But these two Aussie ladies have created The House Sitting Academy with an enormous amount of really good info. So I signed up, particularly to get into their private referral network. 

And by just doing some of the suggested tweaks on my profile, I now have two interviews for a couple of house sits!

That's the first part of the headline - the second is the #vanlife part which I am working on. This will work really well in combination with house sitting, as I will have a "place to be" in between house sitting jobs. When I get back to California in a couple of weeks, I will be looking for a well-priced van. Initially, I can get around pretty easily and spend a few days here and there with Ryan, but long term, I need wheels and a place to stay.

And that's my #newlife in a nutshell.