It's Done! I am Officially Homeless!

Olympic Mountains early morning light
Olympic Mountains early morning light

Yesterday, I handed over the all-important garage door opener remote, making the move out final. I am now officially homeless!

My tenant is so excited about being in the house; his mother was there too, a very nice lady who is looking forward to spending time there as well!

People say, "Aren't you going to miss this?" and of course I am. I will miss the peace and tranquility; the bird life, especially the osprey; my otter and coyote families; and of course my kitty boys.

But on the other hand, since I made the decision to just do it, to walk away from the memories and angst around the house, things are falling into place. It's scary not having a "base" but that will happen, all in good time.

All Gone

Currently, I am holed up at Jim and Mardelle's apartment, surrounded by stuff that still needs to be disposed of! But I had tremendous success selling just about everything that wasn't nailed down. Amazingly, all through Facebook! My car and even the kitties' new home was through the online marketplace and word-of-mouth. It felt so much safer than going through craigslist. And so many people who came down to buy stuff are friends of friends of friends!

Three chairs, $5! Three garage sale ladies: priceless!
Three chairs, $5! Three garage sale ladies: priceless!

My garage sales were successful too, but I don't think I could have done it without Susan and Mardelle helping me. I was frazzled by then, but they got things organized and took a real load off me. People come out of the woodwork to buy, so there was very little, really, to take to the thrift store. And then to the dump! A process of elimination.

So now, with my new iPhone 7 Plus, my new camera and my new MacBook Pro I am set. I don't care much about any of the other stuff, just so long as I have these toys! All designed for my new adventure into discovering worldwide craft distilleries!  More to come on that...