If You Don't Ask, You Don't Get

Beautiful Laguna Beach

Beautiful Laguna Beach

How to talk about a life that is so full of ups and downs, twists and turns, dead ends and full stops?

It’s difficult and it’s taken me a while, and I’m not completely there yet to come to grips with my new reality. This is NOT how I had envisioned my life for so many years. Living out of a suitcase is no fun!

On one hand it is a complete disaster - yet on the other, it is full of adventure and excitement. And I am slowly moving myself from one to the other. And having some success at it.

One of my favorite terms is, "If you don't ask, you don't get." (Same can be said, sort of, about lottery tickets! You don't buy...)

So I have been asking!

Dana Point Harbor - where I have been staying with Betsy and Barry

Dana Point Harbor - where I have been staying with Betsy and Barry

Sometimes, it's not an actual "ask" but because I am open to new ideas and adventures, things show up in my life. For instance:

A couple of weeks ago, a newsletter (one of many I subscribe to) appeared in my inbox and out of boredom, skimmed it. Wait a minute! A media invitation to sail on a 71' boat in British Columbia, exploring the spectacular Haida Gwaii, or as they used to be called, Queen Charlotte Islands. I immediately responded, contacted Sailing magazine to get an assignment (thank you, Greta) and boom, next thing I know, I'm approved! Actually, it took a couple of weeks, but who cares! So that's in July.

Then a "real" ask. Please can I come and stay with you for a while? Jim and Mardelle are the dearest people and said, "of course. So that's in Port Townsend before and after the big boat sailing trip to BC.

This wasn't an ask, but it was a thought and wish in the back of my mind. In September, it's Tahiti with almost the same group of cool women I went to Belize with last year. How cool is that? Maybe I will find that thing I lost as a child when I lived a previous life as a Tahitian princess on the islands as promised by a psychic 30 years ago.

Next ask. Can I come and stay with you in New Zealand for six months? That being the max I can stay on a Brit passport. "Why don't you come to Australia first, as I will be there then?" This from sister Rosemary who will be visiting her daughter, my niece Carol, in Toowoomba, relatively close to Brisbane. Well ok!

Sunset in Ashburton, South Africa

Sunset in Ashburton, South Africa

I fly directly from the Tahiti adventure to Australia and here comes another ask! As you might remember, I did a bunch of distillery stories in South Africa and there had been talk of going to Australia after that to do the same thing there. That didn't pan out but today, I discovered that Bill, my man in the American Distilling Institute was on a trip with a friend through the eastern USA and dubbed it "Bill and Randy's Excellent Adventure." What did I do? Emailed Bill and asked if he might be interested in reviving our original Tasmania idea and he said yes!

Susan's Excellent Adventure Down Under will happen in October, probably and then it will be on to New Zealand. And who knows? If I ask nicely, maybe the Excellent Adventure will continue in New Zealand.

So, regardless of how awkward or uncomfortable it is, "If you don't ask you don't get."

P.S. No reason for the particular pix - I just like them :)