Hello Travelers!

grammtude With so many blogs and information out there in the world, I hope you will enjoy what I have to offer.

There are going to be short articles, long articles, articles about travel all over the world and close to home. You're going see lots of pictures of places and things. Most will be shots of my own, but sometimes I will, with permission, use other people's work. I'll be doing hotel, restaurant and location reviews, all from the perspective of a mature traveler.

I'm a grandma so I know a lot of what I write about and experience will be pertinent to the baby boomers out there. So there will be travel tips for people our age; what to take, what to wear, that sort of thing.

As the site grows, it will morph into something far different from these first pages. And with your help, it will grow in the direction that benefits more and more people.

Please feel free to contact me or leave comments. If you want to read about who I am, why I'm doing this, it's all on the site.

Here's to an adventure together.