Endless Estrogen Goes Boom!

The finished look!
The finished look!

A month or so before this amazing trip to Belize, I discovered Boom! by Cindy Joseph and after reading about her philosophy about women and aging, I decided to order the product and give it a try. Of special interest were the small, lipstick-style applicators which I thought would be perfect for traveling.

My package arrived and right off I loved the packaging; small, compact and simple, definitely my style. And then when I tried the Glo moisturizer, I could feel my skin softening. Quite remarkable! When I used the color stick, it went on smoothly and gives a really natural look.


I thought of our nine ladies, between 43 and 67,  going on the charter in Belize and thought, "What a fun way to test the product in an unusual setting," and contacted Boom! In short order, a package of arrived with a selection of products to try.

The girls were thrilled and one late afternoon, after a long day of snorkeling, exploring and sun on the Endless Estrogen Moorings 4800 catamaran, we broke open the moisturizers and color sticks and had a party. With lots of oohing and aahing, the overall consensus was great.

Lu Ann, the designated makeup artist commented, "It goes on so easily!" Others commented on how smooth it felt and others loved that it is unscented.

Even though we were in the tropics, with temperatures reaching into the 90s, the product in the tubes didn't melt at all, maintaining a good texture, and the tubs of Boomsilk, everyone's favorite disappeared into their cabins.

Personally, I love having the Glo Boomstick in my purse and handy for a quick skin pick-me-up. The Boomstick Color is just enough to brighten my skin and occasionally I use the Glimmer for a bit of pizzazz!

Thank you, Cindy, for giving this boatload of girls the opportunity to experience your wonderful products!