Branching Out

I don't know about you, but I get bored very easily and always have to have something to do and a goal to reach out to. The last few months have been a bit of a hiatus for me, with not a lot happening, just relaxing and enjoying New Zealand.


Now it's time and I have branched out into a couple of projects that should keep me busy, even when I get on the road in the campervan I plan of getting when I return to the States in mid-April. I'll be Granny Travels in a Campervan!

Obviously, the projects have to be accessible from everywhere so online ecommerce is the best option for me. And as much as I am a closet nerd, I don't want to learn coding etc., so chose Shopify to build a couple of stores - OhMyHappySocks and CelebrateLites 

Shopify advertises that the stores are easy to set up - which at the start - are. But then they become more complex as you get into them, and keeping them up-to-date and interesting is quite time consuming! But it's fun and keeps me busy. Now I just need to start making some money from them, to fund my travels. I will not be joining the ranks of what are called "e-beggars," which apparently is a fairly common occurrence in the vanlife world!

And then the other project, which is still under wraps while it's being developed, is an app! I'm working with Ryan on it. Pretty interesting as once again, I am in the tech nerd mode and learning a lot. The development team is multinational with Ryan (American) in Sherman Oaks, me (South African) in New Zealand, the dev team CEO (Dutch) in Carlsbad with the lead tech guy in Serbia! So conference calls are a bit of a challenge. But so far, we have overcome those obstacles and are looking at testing at the end of March. 

On the New Zealand Homefront

On the homefront here, we've been to the beach a couple of times and the water was warm enough to get in and I went bodysurfing! I had so much fun; it's been years since I surfed and I know if I was able to live close to a beach with warm water and waves, I'd be in it every single day! 

But fall is on the way and the water will cool off soon. But I am hoping it's warm enough this weekend when we go to a beach cottage for a few days! 

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