A Giant Mis-Adventure


This is an adventure I can do without! 

Coming to Mexico wasn't exactly a dream of mine, but it would serve a purpose - a place to stay for a while, spend time with an old friend and a chance to explore a different country. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Fast forward 2 1/2 weeks! 

Two weeks of feeling like hell with a nasty allergic reaction to antibiotics and then three days of trying to deal with someone who may or may not be slightly unhinged! And you have a recipe for "get me the hell out of here - and fast!"

I woke up this morning to an unhappy room mate who had packed her bags and car and was heading out the door back to Washington, claiming I had made her life miserable. For the life of me, I cannot understand what the hell she is talking about! Just yesterday we went for a drive and out to lunch commiserating over a beer, discussing problems with the lease. I am still shaking my head in complete bafflement as I look around this little apartment and consider my options.

As I don't have a car and this place is about 20 minutes out of town, it makes it a bit difficult to get around, especially considering the local bus is a mile or so down a steep cobblestone street - which means that on a return it's a mile UP a steep cobblestone street in 85 degree weather. 

I suppose I can call a cab to go to town - but what for? Kick around the stores? I'm not a shopper. I suppose i could go and take photos; it's very picturesque but I realized a week or so ago that this area is not for me. But I was willing to stick around and help out financially so she (roomie) could get herself sorted out in real estate and be comfortable. Obviously that has gone out the window. 

Now I see absolutely no reason to stay here and as I am not on the lease, I have no standing here and I have no idea whether she gave notice; broke the lease; gives a sh*t about it? 

Early next week I will get a flight out of Guadalajara for Tijuana. She has left all sorts of stuff behind but I will simply lock the door and leave the key under the mat for whomever! I am not going to get caught up in her mess and she will have to handle it from Washington because it has been made abundantly clear that it is her deal, not mine.

And I will be on to my next big adventure - which this time will have more of my own control on it. I don't know where I am going or when, but it will be better than here.

And it will be MY adventure, not someone else's.