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Journey Dry Bag - Essential Boating Gear

Dry bag and coconuts With all the electronics we carry around each day, I was concerned about my new iPad Pro, my iPhone and various cameras. So when I was offered the opportunity to test a dry bag from EcoDept, I jumped at the chance.

The dry bags come in three sizes and I chose the 20 liter one - seeing as it was blue and had a seaweed graphic on it! Appropriate for the Belize sailing trip, I thought!

When it arrived, I was impressed with the packaging and the fact that it  didn't have that awful plasticy rubber smell. It was almost completely odourless, a big plus.

The bag is also much sturdier than I had imagined, a definite plus when it comes to protecting electronics. And even though it was the smallest one available from EcoDept, my iPad Pro actually fit in it very comfortably.

On board, the bag became my go-to bag as we made trips back and forth between shore and the big Moorings catamaran, either by inflatable or kayak. And the rest of the crew was happy to toss in their phones and cameras, knowing the equipment  would be safe and dry.

I know it's not a use the bag is designed for, but I used it coming home for my wet and salty bathing suits and beach towel!

Overall, I think the Journey Dry Bag is a great sailing gear addition for anyone serious about protecting their electronic equipment and other precious items. Granted, I didn't try to dunk it underwater, but I imagine that should it go overboard, it will keep the content dry and float nicely until retrieved.

The bags are available on Amazon and priced from $20.95 - $28.95

Dry bag and lines

Countdown to Belize

Things are moving along nicely!

Olympus Tough TG-4

Whoo hoo! My new Underwater Olympus T-5 camera came today and is getting charged up! For a small, underwater camera, it sure has a lot of features! I can't wait to try it out!

But the most important thing is the house/cat sitting problem is sorted out and I have a couple coming from Austin! They responded to my post on and I actually had a lot of people respond and I worked it down to this couple. There was an older lady (ha! My age) in France who sounded really nice so I have kept her info for next time. So that's a load off my mind especially as they will take me to the shuttle and we will rendezvous at the airport when I get back and have the car.

I went for my bi-annual eye exam and am quite impressed with myself! My vision has barely changed and the optometrist has this brand new fancy camera that can take images of the inside of your eyes - front and back of the eye and can tell if there are any issues and I have none! He was very complimentary, said "You must eat very well," and went on to explain how the back of the eye turns yellow with age and it is where the cataracts form. But I have no signs of any nasty stuff. It was actually interesting to see the images and he explained the whole thing. I ended up spending a lot on new glasses but they are essential.

So now with my new prescription I can get the bifocal snorkeling mask! No point in having a good camera if I can't see to focus. Today I went to the dive shop in Puyallup and got a mask fitted. Now it gets sent to California for the prescription lenses. It was funny talking to Mike, the guy at the store. He asked if I was going on a trip and when I told him Belize, he said, "Can I come?" I laughed and said, "It's a boatload of older women!" He came right back with "I'm an older guy!" Hot to trot, I guess! I think this boatload might be more than he could handle!

Boomstick trio by Cindy Joseph

I discovered this new skin care program and decided to find out if they would be interested in having all the Belize Babes check it out. And yes, they would like to and are sending a bunch of goodies to take to the boat. I had ordered some for myself and it also arrived today. Boom! by Cindy Joseph! is an interesting story. She was 49 before she was a model, then moved on to develop this line which is all natural and is geared to the "Pro-Aging Revolution," meaning staying away from makeup that just makes you look older than you are! It's very minimalist and feels good!

I had a late call on Friday afternoon from a couple for Airbnb this weekend so ended up busting my butt to get things tidied up and sorted out for them to arrive later on after 5. Luckily for them, the weather seems to have cleared a lot - at least for now - so they won't be drowned when they get here. Really nice people! This experiment is turning out well.

Never Lose Anything Again

Dynotags are a Cool Way to Label Your Stuff

luggage-tag-on-cardSometimes you don't even have to leave home to have an adventure! My latest excitement is what I found during my recent internet "travels."

I just discovered these very cool QR-enabled tags called Dynotags that you can attach to all nature of things, so you never lose anything again. (And who hasn't lost a bag when traveling, or left your keys somewhere when someone else was driving? And not because you are in the granny/grandpa bracket, either!)

Dynotags have your unique QR code on them so anyone with a smartphone (or computer because there is a unique web site address too) can scan your code and all the pertinent info pops up, like your name and phone number so your belongings can be returned to you.

How cool is that!

dynotag pet tag

One of the best uses, I think, is the one they have for pets. You know what it's like when you see a lost dog running around on the street. You call him over (and hopefully the pooch isn't too freaked) and look at the collar and see - a license and not much else, which is really no help at all. But with a Dynotag on the collar, you simply whip out your phone, scan the code and call the owner immediately. Done deal. Dog goes home happy and safe, owners thrilled and the poor animal doesn't have to spend time in at the lost and found, waiting to be rescued.

There are various styles, like the medic alert-type, which is very cool, as first responders can scan the code and immediately have access to whatever information you would want someone like that to have. Such as: allergies, medications you take, your doctor's contact info and naturally, you emergency contact. You decide what is visible to the scanner and all your other info is kept private.

The uses for these smart codes is endless, really! I keep thinking of ways they can be used. The stickers can be used on phones, computers and there are even special ones for sports equipment. So when you have a lousy golf shot and toss the offending club into the weeds and walk off the course, whoever finds it can scan the code on the shank and your temper tantrum is discovered! Ha!

I am so taken by these (I LOVE technology) that I have added a couple to my eBay store, so check it out and help fund Granny Susu's travels!